Gupta Dynasty | Gupta Empire was an ancient Indian empire

Gupta Dynasty | Gupta Empire was an ancient Indian empire

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Gupta Dynasty | Gupta Empire was an ancient Indian empire

Gupta Dynasty | Gupta Empire was an ancient Indian empire
Gupta Dynasty | Gupta Empire was an ancient Indian empire

Gupta Dynasty » Pala Dynasty

The Pala Dynasty Was Founded By Gopal (750-770 AD), A Follower Of Buddhism.

Dharmapala (Son Of Gopal) Founded Vikramshila University And Renovated Nalanda University.

Devapala (810-850 AD) Was The Most Powerful Ruler Of This Dynasty.

Devapala Conquered Orissa And Assam And Defeated Pratihara King Bhoja And Rashtrakuta King Amodavarsha.

After This, The Ruler Mahipal Was Attacked And Defeated By Rajendra Chola.

Gupta Dynasty » Chalukyas Of Badami

The Founder Of This Dynasty Was Pulakeshin I (535-566 AD).

The Capital Of This Dynasty Was Vatapi (Modern Badami).

Pulakeshin II Was The Most Capable And Courageous Ruler Of The Chalukya Dynasty Of Vatapi.

He Defeated Harshavardhana On The Banks Of Narmada. Pulakeshin II Sent His Messenger To The Court Of King Khusrau II Of Persia.

Vensang Visited The Chalukya Empire During The Reign Of Pulakeshin II.

The Chalukyas Were Famous As The Naval Power Of That Time.

Gupta Dynasty » Rashtrakuta Dynasty

Initially The Rashtrakutas Were Feudatories Of The Chalukyas Of Badami.

The Founder Of This Dynasty Was Dantidurga.

The Famous Ruler Of This Dynasty, Krishna I, Was Also A Great Builder.

He Got The Famous Kailash Temple Built At Ellora.

Amoghavarsha (814 AD – 876 AD) Was Particularly Interested In Religion And Literature.

He Was The Patron Of Scholars And Artists. He Wrote The First Kannada Poems ‘Kaviraj Marga’ And ‘Prasnottara Mallika’.

The Ruler Of This Dynasty, Krishna III, Built A Victory Pillar And A Temple At Rameshwaram.

Gupta Dynasty » Pallava Dynasty

Simhavishnu (574 AD-600 AD) Is Considered To Be The Real Founder Of The Pallava Dynasty.

The Capital Of The Issus Dynasty Was Kanchi.

Narasimhavarman (630 AD – 668 AD) Was The Most Successful Ruler Of The Pallava Dynasty.

Narasimhavarman Founded The City Of Mahabalipuram And He Also Got The Famous Unitary Chariots (Seven Pagodas) Built At Mahabalipuram.

Hiuensang Visited Kanchi During The Reign Of Narasimhavarman.

Gupta Empire » Ganga Dynasty

The Ganga Ruler Narasimha Dev Built The Famous Sun Temple Of Konark.

Anantvarman, The Ruler Of The Ganga Dynasty, Got The Famous Jagannathpuri Temple Built In Puri.

The Kesari Rulers Who Ruled In Orissa Before The Ganga Dynasty Had Built The Famous Lingaraj Temple At Bhubaneswar.

Gupta Empire » Chola Dynasty

The Founder Of This Dynasty Was Vijayalaya (846 AD-871 AD). Although The Early History Of The Cholas Begins With The Sangam Era (3rd Century BC), The Political Flourishing Of This Dynasty Took Place In The Ninth Century AD.

Their Capital Was Tanjore (Modern Thanjavur).

Rajaraja Prami Is Considered The Real Founder Of This Dynasty.

He Waved His Victory Flag In The Whole Of South India.

He Conquered Northern Sri Lanka And Named It ‘Mamundi Cholamandalam’, He Built The Famous ‘Rajarajeshwara Temple’ (Brihadeshwara Shiva Temple) In Tanjore.

‘Nataraja’, An Artwork Depicting The Dance Of Lord Shiva, Is Related To This Period.

The ‘Gopuram’ Style Of Art Was Born During The Reign Of The Cholas.

In This Reign, There Used To Be Local Government (The Principle Of Present Panchayati Raj Was Taken From Here, After The Death Of Rajraj I, His Son Rajendra I (1014 AD-1044 AD) Became The Ruler.

Rajendra I Conquered The Whole Of Sri Lanka In 1017 AD And Kept The Ruler Mahendra V Captive There, He Also Conquered The Kingdoms Of Pandyas And Cheras.

Rajendra I Also Defeated Mahipala, The Pala Ruler Of Bengal.

After This Victory, He Assumed The Title Of ‘Gangaikonda’.

DynastyLocationChief RulerAvailability
MaitrakVallabhi1. Ruled The Longest (About 300 Years) Of The Emerging States Of The Post-Gupta Period.
2. Defeated By The Arabs.
1. He Defeated The Huns And Saved Eastern India From Their Invasion.
2. Harsha Merged Them In His Kingdom.
Chandra (Gaur)BengalMoon1. It Had Enmity With Thaneshwar And Kannauj Rulers.
Parvati GuptaMagadhMahasen Gupta1. There Was Political Rivalry With The Maukharis.
Rajya Vardhan
Harsh Vardhan
1. Established The Largest State In North India After The Guptas.

The Pallava Dynasty Was Founded By Simhavishnu. His

The Capital Was Kanchi (Kanchipuram). ‘Mattavilas Prahasan’ Was Composed By Pallava King Mahendra Varman.

The Ratha Temple Of Mahabalipuram Was Built During The Time Of Pallava King Narasimhavarman I.

He Assumed The Title Of Vatapikonda. The Rashtrakuta Dynasty Was Founded By Dantidurga. Its Capital Was Manyakhet.

Dhruva Was The First Rashtrakuta (South India) Ruler, Who Participated In The Tripartite Struggle For Authority Over Kanauj.

Amoghavarsha Was A Follower Of Jainism, He Composed ‘Kavirajamarga’ In Kannada.

The Famous Kailash Temple At Ellora Was Built By Krishna I.

The Ellora And Elephanta Guha Temples Were Built By The Rashtrakuta Rulers. The Chola Dynasty Was Founded By Vijayalaya.

Its Capital Was Tanjore.

The Chola Ruler Rajaraja I Invaded Sri Lanka And Made The Conquered Territories The New Province Of The Chola Empire.

Rajaraja I Built The ‘Shiva Mandir Of Rajarajeshwara’ (Vrihadeshwara Temple) In Tanjore.

Rajaraja I Allowed The Sailendra Ruler To Establish A Buddhist Monastery At Nagapattinam.

Rajendra I Defeated Mahipala, The Ruler Of The Pala Dynasty, In The Successful Campaign Of The Ganges Valley.

In Memory Of This Victory, He Built The City ‘Gangaikondacholapuram’. Local Self-Government Was The Main Feature Of The Chola Empire.

Gopal Was The Founder Of The Pala Dynasty. He Established A Buddhist Vihara At Oudantapuri (Bihar Sharif).

Dharmapala Got The Vikramshila University Built.

The Tripartite Struggle For Kannauj Was Started By The Pratihara King Vatsaraja And The Tripartite Struggle Ended With The Final Victory Of The Gurjara-Pratiharas.

Lalitaditya Muktapid, The Ruler Of The Karkot Dynasty Of Kashmir, Built The Famous Sun Temple ‘Martand’.

Kalhana, The Author Of ‘Rajatarangini’, Lived In The Court Of Harsha, The Ruler Of The Lohar Dynasty Of Kashmir.

Kalhan Composed ‘Rajatarangini’ During The Period Of Jai Singh, The Last Ruler Of The Louhar Dynasty.

Narasimha I, The Ruler Of The Ganga Dynasty Of Orissa, Also Got The Sun Temple Built At Konark.

Nannuk Was The Founder Of The Chandela Dynasty. Its Capital Was Khajuraho.

The Temples Of Khajuraho Were Built By The Chandelas.

The Capital Of The Paramaras Was Ujjain, Later Dhara Became Their Capital.

Paramarvanshi Ruler Bhoj Was A Great Poet, He Assumed The Title Of Kaviraj.

Some Of Bhoj’s Compositions – “Samarang Sutradhar”, ‘Saraswati-Kanthabharan’, ‘Vidyavinod’, ‘Rajmartand’ Etc. Are Prominent.

Bhoj Established A Saraswati Temple At Dhar.

Chauhan Ruler Ajaypal Founded Ajmer City.

Prithviraj Chauhan Is Also Known As ‘Raipithora’.

His Royal Poet Chandbardai Wrote An Epic Called ‘Prithviraj Raso’.

Prithviraj Chauhan Defeated Muhammad Ghori In The First Battle Of Tarain (1911 AD), But Was Defeated By Ghori In The Second Battle Of Tarain (1192 AD).

Anangpal Tomar Had Laid The Foundation Of The City Of Delhi.

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