What are plant hormones

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What are plant hormones

what are plant hormones
what are plant hormones

The Way In Which Hormones Regulate Human Bodily Functions . In The Same Way, Different Types Of Hormones Control The Activities Of Plants (Respiration, Growth, Flowering, Leaf Formation And Fall, Branch Formation, Fruit Formation, Etc.) . These Plant Hormones Are As Follows

1. Auxin : Its Chemical Name Is Indole Acetic Acid (IAA).

It Is Responsible For Plant Top-Growth, Fruit Development, Flowering, Etc. 2, 4-D Or 2, 4, 5-T = Synthetic Auxin Hormone. It Is Used As A Weedicide To Destroy Weeds In The Fields .

2. Gibberellin : It Helps In The Length Of The Plant And In The Production Of Flowers. This Hormone Was First Isolated. Plant Being Male Or Female. Depends On This. Reduces The Life Cycle Of Crops.

3. Cytokinins : These Cell Divisions Are Responsible For. These Prevent The Erosion (Falling) Of Leaves Of Plants. More Green Color Of The Leaves Of The Betel Plant. For Days It Remains For This Reason.

4. Ethylene : It Acts As An Inhibitor Of Growth In Plants. It Serves To Ripen The Fruits. This . Found In The Gaseous State.

5. Abscisic Acid : It Inhibits All Types Of Growth. It Is Responsible For The Fall Of Flowers, Fruits And Leaves Of Plants. It Destroys Paranaharim And Gives Rise To Old Age. This Acid, Which Acts As A Hormone. It Also Inhibits Germination In Plants.

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