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The Human Brain | Diagram | Weight | Parts

The Human Brain | Diagram | Weight | Parts
The Human Brain | Diagram | Weight | Parts

Human Brain – The Weight Of The Human Brain Is About 1300 To 1400 Grams.

A Membrane Called Meninges Is Found Above The Human Brain .

It Is The Most Important Part Of The Nervous System.

It Is The Control Center Of The Body.

It Is Also Divided Into 3 Sub-Parts- “

Cerebrum : This Is The Front Part Of The Human Brain .

Its Outer Part Is Made Of Gray Matter And Inner Part Is Made Of White Matter.

Its Function Is To Control Voluntary Actions (Sight, Touch, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Etc.) And Intelligence.

This Is The Largest Part Of The Human Brain / Manav Mastishk .

The Temperature In The Body Is Controlled By This Part.

Cerebellum : This Is The Back Part Of The Brain.

There Is Less Amount Of Gray Matter In It. It Does The Work Of Balancing The Body.

Cerebellar Balances The Body While Standing, Dancing, Walking, Running, Cycling Etc.

Anthem ( Medulla Oblongata ) : This Is The Posterior Part Of The Brain Which Is Attached To The Spinal Cord.

It Controls Involuntary And Automatic Functions, Such As Lung Function, Heart Function, Digestive System, Blood System, Excretory System, Breathing Rate, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Etc.

( Ii) Spinal Cord : The Terminal Brain Is Later Converted Into Spinal Cord .

The Spinal Cord Is Surrounded By 3 Membranes Within The Spine – Respectively Piamater , Archnoid , Cluramater .

The Main Function Of The Spinal Cord Is To Carry The Sensation (Message) From The Sensory Organs To The Desired Parts Of The Brain And To Carry The Orders Of The Brain To The
Site Of Action.

(Iii) Nerves These Are Groups Of Fibers .

They Carry Information From Sensory Organs To The Spinal Cord Or Brain.

The Spinal Cord Further Divides Into Branches And Turns Into Nerves.

Mind And Health

  • There Is An Old Saying That A Healthy Mind Resides In A Healthy Body.
  • In The Present Time This Proverb Has Proved To Be Absolutely Correct And Its Other Side Is Equally True.
  • Our Physical Health Largely Depends On Our Mental States.
  • Stress Adversely Affects Health And A Healthy Mental State Is Conducive To Physical Health.
  • The Holistic Concept Of Psychoneuroimmunology Is Completely Based On This.
  • According To This, Our Mental States, Brain, Endocrine System And Immune System Work Collectively For Our Health And All These Work As Homeostasis By Directly And Indirectly Related To Each Other.
  • Their Interaction Is Reflected In Our Health.
  • This Concept Of Health Is Not Very New.
  • Our Traditional Medical Science (Ayurveda) Emphasizes On Mental Cleanliness For Physical Health.
  • Pranayama And Asanas, As Mentioned In Yogic Science, Are Said To Be The Means To Keep The Mind And Body Healthy.
  • Current Research Also Indicates That Yogic Postures And Pranayama Can Be Of Great Benefit If Done In The Right Method And Regularly.

Cognitive Representation Of The Brain

  • Different Parts Of The Brain Are Responsible For Cognitive Representations Separately And Together.
  • For Example, The Visual Field Is Responsible For Seeing, The Auditory Area For Hearing, And The Cerebellar Area Responsible For Movement.
  • Sometimes The Concept Of A Scene With A Particular Sound Also Comes Up.
  • This Is Due To The Fully Developed Functional Network Of Interrelationships Between Different Parts Of The Human Brain .
  • FMRI In Particular In Brain Research. The Yantra Is Comparatively New And Has Proved To Be Very Useful.
  • This Device Is Suitable For Both Functional And Structural Representations Of The Brain.
  • For A Specific Cognitive Task (For Example, Visual Perception) The Activity Of A Particular Related Part Of The Brain Increases, Along With The Consumption Of Glucose And Oxygen In That Part.
  • As A Result, The Balance Of Oxyhemoglobin And Carboxyhemoglobin In That Area Is Comparatively Changed.
  • The Magnetic Properties Of These Two Molecules Are Different.
  • Based On Magnetic Resonance, This Instrument Produces A Clear And Three Dimensional Image Of The Brain On The Basis Of This Change In Which The Functional Parts Of The Brain Are Clearly Visible.

The Human Brain Weight

The Weight Of The Human Brain Is About 1300 To 1400 Grams.

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