Female Reproductive System

Female Reproductive System

Female Reproductive System
Female Reproductive System

Reproductive System The Systems Of Organs Responsible For The Production Of Children Are Called Reproductive Systems. These Differ In Male And Female.

Under The Male Reproductive Organs, There Are 17 Organs Like Testes, Seminal Vesicles, Penis, Etc., Of Which 2 Are Cow’s And Prostate Glands.

Sperm (Male Germ Cell) Is Formed In The Testis. These Are Stored In The Spermatic Cord. That Is, The Testis Performs The Function Of A Factory, While The Spermatic Cord Acts As A Storehouse. The ‘Venus Fluid’ Is Produced In The Prostate Gland And Venus Is Found In This Fluid.

Female Reproductive System – Under The Female Reproductive System, There Are About 16 Organs And Glands Like Vagina, Uterus, Fallopian Tube, Ovaries Etc. In This, Every 28 Days (Lunar Month) From The Ovum Glands, A Mature Ovum (Ova) Is Formed And Comes Free And Comes In The Oviduct, Where Fertilization Takes Place On Contact With Venus.

After Fertilization, The Fertilized Egg Develops In The Uterus And As A Result Of Development, The Baby Is Born. The Nourishment Of The Unborn Baby Takes Place Through The Placenta .

All Living Beings Have The Quality Of Producing Offspring Like Themselves, This Quality Is Called Reproduction.

Through Reproduction, The Sperm And Egg Secreted From The Male And Female Genitals Combine To Form A New Embryo.

Reproductive System Of Male And Female The Reproductive System Is Made Up Of Different Organs.

The Main Organsofthe Male Reproductive System Are Epididymis Testes ,Vas Deferens , Seminal Vesicles , Prostate , Penis Etc.

The Major Organs Of The Female Reproductive System Are : Mons Veneris, Labium Major, Small Labia, Clitoris, Vagina , Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes And Uterus . Etc.

Conception Time Of Different Animals

Animal NameConception Time
Horse340 Days
Elephant606-610 Days
Tiger103 Days
Kangaroo6-11 Days
Donkey340 Days
Pig101-120 Days
भेंड़ (Sheep)135-160 Days
Wolf61-63 Days
Zebra340 Days
Gorilla250-270 Days
Leopard90-105 Days
Rat21 Days
Squirrel40 Days
Day Cheetah (Panther)91-95 Days
Cat50 Days
Deer150-180 Days
Giraffe453-464 Days
Goat150 Days
Jackal63 Days
Lion100-120 Days
Hare28-35 Days

Testes Is The Male Reproductive Gland, Which Is Elliptical. Its Function Is To Produce Sperms. The Length Of The Spermatozoa Is 5 Microns. Sperm Survive In The Body For 30 Days While Copulating. After This, Females Only Survive For 72 Hours. Penis Is The Sex Organ Of Men. In Females, Two Ovaries Are Almond Shaped In Brown Colour. Their Main Function Is To Produce Eggs, The Ovaries Secrete Oestrogen And Progesterone, Which Control Menstruation.

The Maximum Gestation Period Of The Asian Elephant Is 609 Days. The Circumference Of The Egg Is 100-125 Mm. Happens Till Then. The Uterus Is Pear-Shaped, Located Behind The Bladder And In Front Of The Rectum. The Union Of Sperm And Ovum Is Called Fertilization. Menstruation Is Called Menstruation, Menstruation Or Menstruation.

Also Called Religion. • Menstruation Usually Starts At The Age Of 12-14 In Women.

It Happens Till The Age Of 45-50 Years.

Sex Determination

What Is Sex Determination

Sex Determination Gametogenesis And Sex Chromosomes In The Newborn. (Gametogenesis And Sex Chromosomes).

Humans Have 23 Pairs Of Chromosomes, Of Which 22 Pairs Of Autosomes And One Pair Of Sex Chromosomes.

This One Pair Is Represented By X And Y.

The Sex Chromosomes Are XY Type In Males And XX Type In Females. Of Male In Sex Determination. It Is The Role, Not That Of The Female. If X Female And X Male Chromosomes Match, The Baby Will Be Female.

If The Female And Y Male Chromosomes Meet, The Baby Will Be A ‘Male’.

Genes Of Certain Diseases Or Physical Disorders Are Present On The Sex Chromosomes.

In Such A Situation, Whether There Is A Physical Disorder Or Not Depends On The Gender Of The Child.

This Process Is Called ‘Sex Link Inheritance’ Which Passes From One Generation To Another In Either Male Or Female. Eg- Piles

But ‘Baldness’ Is Such A Disorder, Which Is Seen Only In The Males Of The Next Generation. Color Blindness, Hemophilia, Down Syndrome, Etc. Are Diseases Related To Physical Inequality.


Normally A Sperm Is Able To Fertilize One Egg (Ova), Because Only One Egg Is Released After The End Of A Menstrual Cycle, But Sometimes There Is An Imbalance. Due To Which Twins Are Born.

These Conditions Are 2 (I) If 2 Eggs Are Formed Instead Of One Egg Then It Is Fertilized By 2 Different Sperm.

As A Result, 2 Fertilized Eggs Descend Into The Uterus And Attach To The Mother’s Abdominal Wall Through 2 Separate Placentas, Giving Birth To 2 Different Types Of Babies That Are Identical Twins. (Non-Identical Twin) And They Can Be Either Male Or Female.

The Qualities And Attitudes Of These Children Are Like 2 Different Children. They Are Born Together.

(Ii) On The Contrary, If An Egg After Reaching The Uterus After Fertilization With A Single Sperm, Divides Into 2 Parts Before The Development Of The New Baby, Then Separate Babies Develop From These Two Parts, Which Are Always The Same Are Of Gender And Are Linked By A Single Placenta.

  • It Also Becomes Difficult To Recognize Them. These Are Called ‘Identical Twins’.
  • At The Time Of Embryonic Stage, The Organ That Performs The Function Of Transporting Food From The Mother’s Abdomen To The Baby Is Called Placenta.
  • Which Gland Contains Tubules In The Endocrine Glands? -Langer Haines Island.
  • Hormone Responsible For A Person’s Dwarfism- ‘Growth-Hormone’
  • From Which Gland Is The Growth Hormone Secreted? – Piyush Gland.
  • Which Is The Largest Endocrine Gland In The Body? – Thyroid
  • Under Secretion Of Which Hormone Causes ‘Goitre Disease’? – Thyroxin
  • Which Hormone Controls The Amount Of Calcium And Phosphorus In The Bone? – Parathormone.
  • What Are ‘Hormones’ Made Of? Proteins And Asteroids (Fatty Substances)
  • Which Is The Hormone Secreted Suddenly In The State Of Fear Or Excitement, Which Prompts The Person To Face The Odd Situation? -Adrenaline
  • Due To The Deficiency Of Which Hormone, Sugar Goes Into The Blood And Can Cause ‘Brain Haemorrhage’ Or ‘Heart Attack’ By Increasing Blood Pressure In Blood Vessels? -Insulin |
  • Which Hormone Is Known As ‘Pregnancy Hormone’ Due To Its Control In Pregnancy? -Progesteron
  • Through Whom Is The Nourishment Of The Fetus (Infant) Done? – Placenta |
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