What Is Cancer

What Is Cancer

What Is Cancer
What Is Cancer

It Is A Fatal Disease, In Which The Cells Of The Body Start To Multiply, Resulting In The Formation Of Knots, Which Eventually Split And Turn Into Wounds.

These Wounds Never Heal And Lead To Death.

Any Part Or Organ Of The Body Can Be Affected By This.

The Reason For This Can Be Ultraviolet Rays, Chemical Substances, Drugs, Viruses Etc.

Cancer Of The Blood Is Called ‘ Leukemia ‘ , Cancer Of The Skin Is Called ‘ Carcinomas ‘ , Cancer Of The Internal Organs Is Called ‘ Sarcomas ‘ , Cancer Of The Nervous System Is Called ‘ Gliomas ‘ , Cancer Of Lymph ‘ Lymphomas ‘ , Eye Cancer Is Called ‘ Retinoblastoma ‘ Retino -Blastoma – It Is A Genetic Cancer), Brain Cancer Is Called Brain Tumor . A Total Of 14 Types Of Cancer Are Genetic. Rodent Ulcer _) Is A Type Of Skin Cancer, Which Affects The face .

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