Vitamin » Vitamin a, Vitamin b12, Vitamin c, Vitamin d, Vitamin e, Vitamin k

Vitamin » Vitamin a, Vitamin b12, Vitamin c, Vitamin d, Vitamin e, Vitamin k

Vitamin » Vitamin a, Vitamin b12, Vitamin c, Vitamin d, Vitamin e, Vitamin k
Vitamin » Vitamin a, Vitamin b12, Vitamin c, Vitamin d, Vitamin e, Vitamin k

Vitamin Was Discovered By Lunin In 1881 . Chemically, They Are Organic Compounds That Control The Metabolic Activities Of The Body.

Without Them ‘ Metabolism ‘ Is Impossible. Their Deficiency Causes Many Diseases In The Body.

They Do Not Provide Energy Themselves, But Control All Chemical Reactions Related To Energy.

Humans Their ‘Synthesis’. Cannot Do It Automatically, So They Are Obtained Through Food.

Whereas Plants Synthesize Them On Their Own.

The Word Vitamin Or Vitaminism Was Given By Scientist Funk In 1912 AD.

Contains Vitamins – Alcohol, Sterols And Quinones.

Vitamins Are Divided Into Two Groups – (I) Fat Soluble And (Ii) Water Soluble.

(I) Fat Soluble Vitamins – Vitamins A, D, E And K

(Ii) Water Soluble Vitamins – Vitamin B, C.

Fat Soluble Vitamins

Vitamin A

Chemical Name- Retinal

It Is Called Vitamin Of Growth And Anti-Infection Vitamin.

Its Deficiency Causes Diseases Like Night Blindness, Xerophthalmia, Dermatosis, Retarded Growth, Stone In The Body, Whiteness In The Eye Etc.

The Sources Of This Vitamin Are Carrots, Milk, Butter, Eggs, Fish Oil, Spinach Etc.

Vitamin D

Its Chemical Name Is ‘Calciferol’.

It Strengthens Bones And Teeth.

It Is Formed In Our Body By The Sun’s Ultraviolet Rays Falling On ‘Ergosterol’ (A Chemical).

Its Deficiency Causes Rickets In Children And Osteomalacia In Adults.

They Are Obtained From Fish Oil, Milk, Eggs, Liver And Butter. It Is Called Hormonal Vitamin.

Vitamin E

It Is Called The Vitamin Of Beauty.

Chemical Name- Tocopheral

It Prevents Wrinkles, Protects The Skin And Maintains The Glow And Radiance Of The Face, Develops Reproductive Organs, Protects The Enzymes Present In The Cells.

Source: This Vitamin Is Obtained From Cotton Seed Oil, Rice Husk Oil, Sayabean Oil And Lettuce Leaves (Alfalfa).

Its Deficiency Leads To Impotence.

Vitamin K

Chemical Name- Naishthaquinone

It Helps In The Formation Of Blood Clot, Thereby Controlling The Bleeding. It Happens. It Is Obtained From Green Vegetables, Eggs, Carrots Etc.

Due To Its Deficiency, The Bleeding Caused By Injury Does Not Stop Easily.

Water Soluble Vitamins

Vitamin B

Vitamin B , Its Chemical Name Is ‘ Thimine ‘.

It Was First Obtained From Rice Husks.

Deficiency Causes Beri-Beri Disease In Humans And Polyneuritis In Animals.

Beri-Beri Disturbs The Balance Of The Brain.

Beri-Beri Disturbs The Balance Of The Brain, The Function Of The Heart, Alimentary Canal And Muscles Becomes Impaired, This Vitamin Is Necessary For Carbohydrate Metabolism.

Beri-Beri Weakens The Nervous System And Nerves, Which Causes Paralysis. The Skins Of Cereals, Pulses, Milk, Liver Etc. Are The Sources Of This Vitamin.

Vitamin B Chemical Name Is Riboflavin .

Due To Its Deficiency, The Skin Gets Cracked, The Tongue Becomes Swollen, The Eyes Become Weak, The Lips Swell With Cracks.

Its Deficiency Leads To Phylosis. Sourced Meat, Fruits, Vegetables Etc.

Vitamin B : Chemical Name- ‘ Peridoxine ‘

It Controls The Metabolism Of Proteins, Carbohydrates And Fats.

Deficiency Causes Symptoms Similar To Pellagra

Sometimes Anemia Also Occurs.

Sourced, Meat, Milk, Fish, Peas, Etc. This Vitamin Is Synthesized In The Body By Bacteria In The Intestine.

Vitamin B12 : Chemical Name- ‘ Cobalamine ‘.

It Takes Part In The Synthesis Of Nucleic Acids And Nucleoproteins.

Its Deficiency Causes Anemia .

An Element Called ‘Cobalt’ Is Found In This Vitamin.

Source- Liver, Pork, Egg, Milk, Fruit Etc.

It Is Also Produced By Bacteria In The Intestine.

Vitamin C

Chemical Name- Ascorbic Acid

It Increases The Immunity Power In The Body.

Its Deficiency Leads To Swelling Of The Gums, The Release Of Blood And Pus, Which Is Called Scurvy.

Source- Lemon, Orange, Grapes, Tomato, Musmmi, Amla (Most Among Amla), Tamarind Etc.

Sailors Get Scurvy Because Of Not Getting Fresh Fruits And Vegetables.

They Increase Immunity.

This Vitamin C Gets Destroyed When The Food Is Overcooked. This Vitamin Is Excreted By Humans.


It Is A Major Component Of Living Things. Of Our Body About 60% Is Water, Which Is Unevenly Distributed In The Body.

Water Content Is 95% In Urine, 92% In Blood Plasma, 83% In Blood, 80% In Kidney, 76% In Muscles, 22% In Bones. If Our Body Becomes Dehydrated At About 12%, Then The Lethal Limit Begins, With A Maximum Limit Of 15%.

Water Provides A Medium For The Transport Of Food Substances And Mineral Salts In The Body. It Controls The Temperature Of The Body. It Serves To Transport The Excretory Substances From Their Manufacturing Site To The Excretory Organs.

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