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Calories In Food List | Chart » Calories in egg, Calories mango

Calories is Available in all type of eating food Calories is important part of any food

Calories – A Normal Person Should Take 450 Grams Of Carbohydrate, 100 Grams Of Protein And 80 Grams Of Fat In Food Daily.

Calories – A Person Doing Hard Physical Exertion Should Take 600 Grams Of Carbohydrates And 420 Grams Of Protein.

Calories – The Amount Of Energy That Is Received / Released From 100 Grams Of A Food Is Called ‘ Calorific Value’

Calories In Food List
Calories In Food List

(I) Persons Doing Mental Work/Labor (Eg Scientist, Doctor, Engineer) – 3000 To 3200 Kilo

(Ii) Machine Operators (Turners, Motor Drivers, Workers Of Textile Industry) – 3500 Kcal

(Iii) 4000 Kcal To A Person Engaged In Partially Mechanized Physical Work (Eg Machine Builder, Agricultural Labourer, Fitter)

(Iv) 4500 To 5000 Kcal For Hard Physical Labor (Eg Porter, Dock Worker, Etc.).

(V) A Pregnant Woman Needs 2800 Kcal Of Energy.

Milk Is Considered A Balanced Or Complete Diet, But Vitamin-C And Iron Are Not Found In It, While All Other Components And Elements Are Found.

White Color Of Milk Present In Milk – Due To ‘Casein’ Protein, Light Yellow Color (Cow’s Milk) – Due To Riboflavin (Somewhere It Is Believed To Be Responsible For Carotene) And Sweetness – “Lactose” Sugar – Sugar).

Due To Continuous Consumption Of Milk Only, ‘Anemia’ (Blood Anemia – Due To Lack Of Iron) Becomes Disease.

Calories In Food List FAQ

Calories Milk

Milk Contains 117 Calories Of Energy Per 100/Ml.

Calories in Apple

52.1 Kcal Calories

Calories Of Chapati

Chapati 297 Calories

calories 1 boiled egg

150 calories

Calories Of Oats

Oats 142  Calories /100 Grams

Calories in Banana

88.7 Kcal Calories

calories in egg

155.1 Kcal Calories

calories 1 egg White

51.6 Kcal Calories

Calories Almond

655 Calories/100 Grams In Almonds

Calories Of Mango

59.8 Kcal Calories/100 Grams

Calories Of Peanut

567 Calories/100 Grams In Peanuts

Calories Of Soybean

432 Calories/100 Grams In Soybeans

Calories Of Gram

Chana Has 372 Calories/100 Grams

Calories Of Meat

194 Calories/100 Grams In Meat

Calories Of Cashew

Cashew In 596 Calories / 100 Grams

Calories In Wheat

Wheat Has 344 Calories/100 Grams

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