World Agriculture

World Agriculture

World Agriculture
World Agriculture

World Agriculture – Animal Husbandry, Milk Products, Meat, Wool

Some Scientific Terms Of Agriculture

1. Viticulture : Cultivation Of Grapes 

2. Piciculture/Aquaculture : Fisheries 

3. Sericulture : Sericulture With Mulberry Trees 

4. Horticulture: Production Of Various Fruits 

5. Oliviculture : Cultivation Of Olives 

6. Arboriculture: Cultivation Of Different Types Of Trees And Shrubs 

7. Apiculture : Beekeeping 

8. Floriculture : Floriculture 

9. Silviculture: Activities Related To The Promotion And Protection Of Forests 

10. Vegiculture : Early Agriculture By Primitive Man In Southeast Asia 

11. Namericulture : A Primitive Agriculture In Which Roots, Stems, Fruits And Flowers Were Collected. 

12. Olericulture : Cultivation Of Vegetables 

13. Mariculture : Production Of Marine Organisms (Frog, Oyster Etc.) 

14. Horticulture: Rearing Of Improved Breeds Of Horses And Mules 

15. Vermiculture: Earthworm Rearing

16. Moriculture : Mulberry Cultivation (For Silk Farming) 

17. Aeriponic: Growing Plants In The Air 

18. Pomology : Fruit Science

CropsProducing Country
RiceChina, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand
WheatChina, India, America, Australia, Ukraine
BarleyRussia, Germany, Canada
OatsRussia, Canada, America
MeccaAmerica, China, Brazil, Mexico
OilseedsUSA, China, India
SoybeanUS, Brazil, China
SugarcaneIndia, Brazil, Thailand, China
BeetFrance, Germany, America
TeaIndia, China, Sri Lanka
ChennaiSri Lanka
LedangJava And Malaysia
HumaIndonesia And Java
RayVietnam And Laos

Animal Husbandry

Milk Products

  • India Is The Largest Milk Producer In The World.
  • Other Producers Of Milk : USA, Canada, Russia, Australia And New Zealand. 


  • Meat Is Mainly Obtained From Cow, Bull, Buffalo, Goat, And Pig. Countries Like Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Etc. Are Famous For Meat Production. 
  • They Hold First, Second And Third Place Respectively In The World In Meat Production.


  • They Are Obtained From Sheep, Goats, Camels, Llamas, Etc. 
  • The Wool Of Sheep Is The Most Important In Terms Of Quantity And Quality Of Production. 
  • Australia, New Zealand, Argentina And South Africa Are The Most Important Countries In Terms Of Wool Production And Export. 
  • Sheep Rearing Requires A Dry And Temperate Climate, Where Small Grasses Grow. 
  • The ‘Merino’ Sheep Reared In The Murray-Darling Basin Of Australia Provide The Best Quality Wool.
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